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Rage - Kimberly A. Bettes Rage is a story that seems all too real. And it certainly lives up to the title. Not only does the main character feel rage, but the reader does, too.Rage is the story of Brian Boozer, a 13 year old boy who is not only bullied at school, but he's also raped and beaten at home by his stepfather. He doesn't exactly have a picture perfect life.The opening paragraph of this story shocked me, but also sucked me right in. I could not stop reading, even though it was like watching a horrible care accident over and over again. Relentless, unceasing brutality all heaped upon one innocent young man. It was enough to break my heart and make me cry.The one thing that upset me the most, though, was his mother's reaction to all of this. She brushed it off as a life lesson. I'm sorry, but what mother in her right mind would let a man rape her child? Would let four little brats constantly beat and abuse her child at school? I would be livid! I would be demanding justice!Rage is the story of Brian Boozer, a 13 year old boy who let the rage bottle up inside. A 13 year old boy who could only take so much before he snapped.The ending was depressing, as well. But in all seriousness, this book was a fantastic read. I only think everyone should read it. Bullying nowadays has become an accepted norm, and that is not right. Children should not have to suffer at the hands of others. Not a parent, not another student, no one.If you think you can handle all of what this book has to offer, I highly suggest giving it a whirl. I can guarantee you won't be able to put it down.